Vitality: Empowering Women Through Dance, Fitness, Confidence Coaching and Life Changing Retreats
Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like to Be the Woman You Were Meant to Be?
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Vitality Gives You A Safe Place to Rediscover Yourself!
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Have You Ever Felt Handcuffed as a Woman?
Like Everyone's Expectation of You Was More Important Than Your Own...
From: Cat Cantrill
Subject: Calling All Women
Have you ever felt handcuffed as a woman? 

You know what I'm talking about. You do everything for everyone else but nothing for yourself...

You do the shopping...
You go to work...
You do the cleaning!
And you thought if you got married, or got the good job... that everything would change...

And then... 
...You're Stuck
You found yourself...

Not knowing what to do next.
You don't know how become what you wanted.
Yes, you're being held hostage by the ideals you used to make fun of in high school... AND the money-trap of having to sit in a cubicle to become something you never wanted to be...  
And yet, somehow, things that you think should be SO simple... things that should come along with this life...

Somehow become hours, and then days and then weeks.

With each passing day, your excitement for your big idea gets dimmer and dimmer until one day it's gone...

Money wasted... time wasted... with little or nothing to show for it.
And This is Where Most Women's Dreams Die
Somewhere between the idea... and your reality... 
What Happened to the Days Where:
  • a woman who was confident...
  • and excited to be herself...
Could just stand in front of people and be herself...
Well, I'm here to tell you that those days are officially back!

I want to introduce you to Studio Vitality...
An Empowerment Studio that will....
...Take the power back...
Yes, Vitality Was Created So That Women Like You... 
  • ...who have lost themselves along the way
  • ​ ...who don't know how to move forward
...Can Easily Empower Themselves and Build Confidence and Fitness Which is Proven To Create Change!
Let Me Show You How It Works...
Step #1: Come to the FREE Vitality Teaser 
First, you decide to come by the studio and take our free Teaser Class... so you can get an overview of what the studio has to offer.

  •  The Teaser is a FREE one hour intro lesson held at the studio. 
  • ​We will do a short sample routine, which will give you a good idea of what Vitality is all about! 
  • ​No dance experience required.
  •  No men. Nothing weird... I promise.
  • ​AND...if you attend our Vitality Teaser class, you can pick any membership and get 30% off! 
Step #2: Grab Our App or Book Your Class Online
We have a free app that allows you to book all your classes (even the Teaser) online. 
24/7 Access to Browse and Book Classes (like the Vitality Teaser)
Check out our Fitness Offerings 
We have a bunch of sassy dance classes
Get studio announcements and calendar reminders
Step #3: Decide How You Want To Move Your Body
Last, after you come to the Teaser, pick some fun classes that fit your needs....

You can bring a friend to Vintage Burlesque, Lap Class, Vixen/Vamp Dance Fitness, and more! You can handle that... can't you?
Come to the Teaser, Get Our Free App, Pick Some Classes
Just Takes a Second to Change Your Life
You can then change the rules of your own life, change your own image, put in yourself in a new video about yourself...  

And if you REALLY want to save time in your transformation, we have a ton of spicy classes designed to help you fall in love with yourself again...

It's up to you... 

Just come to the Teaser, find out about our awesome transformational classes...

…then join our family and move your body till your hearts content...

and then just sit back and watch your transformation!
Meet Your Guide: Cat Cantrill
"I’ve helped thousands of women who are frustrated resolve their problems through my fitness, dance, and confidence programs AND experience amazing lives." -Cat
Press Play to Watch Dance at the Paramount Theater Before a Show
Want to Know What Classes We Offer?
Ok... Ok... I am REALLY Pushing you to come our Teaser First... But WHY?
We hear from a lot of women that they have been following Vitality for a long time... But they don't know what class to take... 


They show up to take our High Cardio Vixen Dance Fitness, get overwhelmed and don't come back... 
I don't want that for you... SO... I came up with the Teaser to be an ambassador to all our new women... 
You can come in, relax, take your shoes off... and see if we are good fit... (and leave with a discount on classes and a kick ass FREE t-shirt for signing up on the spot...!)


They want to know the price before finding out the value... We have learned that women will spend money on things they value... You won't find prices on our site... We want you to come to the studio and experience it first hand... Then make a choice.. 

If you are just looking for the best price to get a workout... Try a commercial gym... 

We are looking for a certain kind of woman, just like you are looking for a special place to change your life... 
"OK Cat... I get it... I'll Come to the Teaser Class... But I still want to see what classes I can take at Vitality (give a girl a break... I like to shop, lol)"
A great way to browse our classes is on our free app... 
Experience Studio Vitality...
We have two basic groups of classes... Dance and Fitness
Our Dance Classes:
Vintage Burlesque
We offer 2 different skill levels of Vintage: Beginning and Experienced.

Pull on your high heels and strut your stuff in our interpretation of 'classic burlesque', featuring a four week session where you learn a complete choreographed routine. 

Studio provides props like boas, hats, and gloves, and more. In Beginning Vintage, there is no dance experience required.  

For Experienced, we ask for you either to have some experience on stage or have already taken Beginning Vintage. In Experienced, since you have mastered the method of choreography, we work on your stage presence and personality on stage.     
Next Session Starts week of Jan 13th!
Click Play to See An Example of Beginning Vintage
Click Play to See An Example of Experienced Vintage 
Cabaret Burlesque
We offer 3 different skill levels of Cabaret:  Beginning, Experienced & Elite.  

All classes you learn a choreographed cabaret style routine to modern music over the course of four weeks. 

These classes included chair or high heel dancing. You will get a great workout and feel sassy at the same time!  

If you are new to cabaret, Beginning is a great start! Experienced Cabaret is for those students who have been dancing at Vitality for awhile or new students who have had dance experience.

Elite is invite only and must have had taken Experienced Cabaret.  

Next Session Starts week of Jan 13th!
Click Play to See An Example of Beginning Cabaret
Click Play to See An Example of Experienced Cabaret
Lap Dance
This class is taught in a four week session where you learn a sensual, slow lap dance routine. 

It is designed to EMPOWER WOMEN to feel sexy, step out of their comfort zone, and connect with someone. 

It is NOT designed to be 'stripper-y' or to titillate men. This dance is designed with you in mind.

No dance experience required. 
Next Session Starts week of Jan 13th!
Click Play to See An Example of Lap Dance Class
Our Fitness Classes:
Vamp Beginner Dance Fitness
Are you looking for a low impact cardio class but are tired of the boring stuff at the gym?

Vamp Dance Fitness is an introductory class to our Vixen Dance Fitness. 

This class is for those who want to get a workout without the push-ups, burpees and planks. 

This class will get you warmed up leave you feeling accomplished, sassy and sweaty!
Vixen Dance Fitness & Velocity Vixen Fitness 
Click Play to Watch a Vixen Class
Go a little wild with choreographed routines to music you actually listen to in your car... And oh, yeah, we have students who burn 800 calories in a class. 

Features burpees, push ups, squats, planks, and cardio. You can join this class at ANY TIME. No dance experience required. Modifications are available. 

Velocity Vixen: Velocity Vixen incorporates all your favorite Vixen moves, but uses routines that are more focused strength training. We use the weight of your own body, infuse it with high cardio, put some sass and hip-hop into it and you have Velocity Vixen!
This class is the hardest fitness class we have to offer - please know your own limitations. We ask you to have fitness experience in the past before you join.  

Warning: Please come to the Vitality Teaser before enrolling in this class unless you have a high level of fitness and/or dance experience.
How to Pick Your Fitness Class
Another Great Way to See a Demo is to Come to Our Showcase Night. It's Free!
  • Beginner: Vamp Dance Fitness... You haven't worked out in a bit... Or you don't have dance experience... (Don't worry, MOST OF OUR STUDENTS START HERE)
  • Intermediate: Vamp Dance Fitness and Vixen Dance Fitness... You work out or dance 1-3 times per week. You can exercise for 30 minutes without too much trouble...
  •   Advanced: Vixen Dance Fitness and/or Velocity Vixen Fitness.. You work out all the time or you trained as a dancer
"I Don't Even Know Where to Start..."
Do you ever get overwhelmed and don’t even sure where to start? 

If so, don't worry, all you need to do is model what already works! There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. 

Vitality has tons proven classes that have already helped thousands of women that you can start today, so you can immediately begin your transformation, plug into a proven class and start changing today!

Whether you want to move your body to increase your fitness or get back into dancing… no matter how you want to empower yourself… Vitality will work for you!
“I Don’t Have Enough Money To Start…”
No money for Dancing or Fitness? No problem! 

Teaser is always FREE so you can start dancing… and then you can choose your subscription. That means you have our Teaser Class (FREE) to get you started!

We’ve got thousands of REAL people (like you) who have transformed their lives and it all started with our FREE Teaser class.
Cat Describes What Vitality Means
"Nobody Changed Their Lives That Didn't Believe They Could!"
(A.K.A. The Women Who Got In Her Own Way...)
“I Don’t Have The Skills… I Don’t Think I Can Do It”
Think you’re not talented or can’t make this work? 
We’ve got nurses, educators, admins, managers, vet techs... ANYBODY woman can think of…who are doing it. 

With our community of like-minded women, you’ll instantly be surrounded by a community of women who “get you” that’ll be there to support and help you along the way. 
“I Don’t Need This Right Now... The Timing Is Wrong”
Waiting for the "right time" to get started changing your life?  

Well, if your parents had waited for the "right time" to have kids, you wouldn't be here... The faster you get started, the faster you'll have success. 

We've got everything you need, and getting setup is quick and easy.  

Here's some tough love: waiting around for the right moment is the fastest way to fail... start your Teaser and see for yourself just how much this WILL help you in your life, right now.  
Your Legacy
"Nobody Was Born The Woman They Want to Be... 
The Best Women Figure Out How!"
(A.K.A. The Woman Who Thought She Was Different...)
“My Problems are Different, IDK How Vitality Can Work For Me…”
I know what you’re thinking…Vitality is great for certain women…but how can it work for me and my needs? 

Just like you weren’t sure if you should try that one food, and then ended up loving it, you definitely need to try Vitality and as soon as you see what this does for you…you’ll wonder how you ever made it without Vitality!

No matter where you are in your life, we’ve got classes and tools just for you! 

Check out these stories from Vitality users from different walks of life and how they and are having massive success: 
“I Owe Cat My Life…”

“This Could Be the Best Thing You Do For Yourself…”

“I'm Me Again. I'm Finally Me again…”

“The Women are Empowering, Sexy, and So Friendly…”

“I Can't Wait to Do It Every Week…”

“Check This Woman Out…”

“Women Who Change Their Live are the Ones Who Never Give Up”
(A.K.A. I've Tried Everything and Nothing Works For Me)
“My Husband Won't Let Me...”
There is a major misconception about Studio Vitality... 
Vitality Has NOTHING to Do With Men...
We don't learn sensual lap dances to please men. We are not strippers....We don't do things to stimulate men... We don't allow men in the studio... And We CERTAINLY don't allow men to tell us what we can and CAN NOT DO.... 

If you're husband tells you that you can't come to Vitality because it's for strippers, a waste of money, lewd, crude, against the church, or any other crazy nonsense... Well, sister, you might be in the right place... 

You are not a Slave to a man, a religion, or any other damn person, place or thing! 
“I've Been Stalking You for Years...”
I hear it all the time... "It's really hard to walk in here... You don't even know." 

Now, I love ya, but here is a bit of tough love... 

That's just an excuse... Let's see it for what it is... Women look for any reason to keep from changing their lives. Change is scary, but the Studio, Studio Vitality, is just the vehicle for change. There is nothing scary about it. 

Change can be Scary... But it can also be glorious, which is why you want it so bad... 
Cat Walks You From the Street to the Studio
"Most Women Lose Their Way By Spending Too Much On Things That Don't Work!"
(A.K.A. The Woman Who Tried Everything...)
“I Need To Be In Shape Or Have Dance Experience To Come to Vitality...”
Not in shape, or grow up a ballerina? Vitality takes care of almost all of that for you… so you just show up and dance! 

All you need to do is attend the Teaser…and you’re good to go. Our easy Teaser Class gives you a wide range of options at the studio for you to pick from... you don’t mind having someone guide you through your transformation, do you? 
“Words Can't Express How Greateful I am…”

“Cat is an Amazing Teacher and encouraged us to try new things…”

“I Had No Idea How Much You Would Change My Life…”

“I Feel So Much Better…”

“I Can't Wait to Start Reading..."
“She Has Changed the Lives of So Many Women…”

"Those Who Found What They Wanted Didn't Let The Money Stop Them!"
(A.K.A. The Woman Who Ran Out Of Money...)
It's Too Easy to Let Life Get in the Way...
There comes a time when we need to make a leap of faith, to put ourselves at the front of the line. Where we have to trust in our intuition that something different is what you need. 

It's too easy to wake up at 55 and wonder where your kids went, what you did with your life... Come join us...
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“Tonight Was a Wonderfully Unique Experience...”

“I'm Feeling Empowered, In Control of My Life…”

“It's Such an Energizing, Refreshing Weekly Reminder…”

“Wow, I look F*cking Attractive…”

"Have Any Of The Above Stopped YOU From Becoming Who You Want to Be?
Are You Ready To Finally Succeed…
Without Spending A Fortune?"
Vitality Gives You EVERYTHING You Need Empower Yourself Using Fitness and Dance!
Now, I know that you've seen some cool stuff, and there are literally DOZENS of other awesome things I could show about Vitality that will help you change your life...

But my goal isn't to 'SELL' you Vitality, because today I wanted to make you a very special offer where you can try Vitality on me... for FREE!

Yes, that means you can take your Vitality Teaser today for free...

If we don't completely simplify your life, increase your confidence and help you to FINALLY have what you want, we will get you a refund. 

So, are you excited about Vitality yet? :) If so, then NOW is the time to take action...
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get Today When You Sign Up for the Vitality Teaser Today! 
  • ​Vitality Teaser - One Hour Class Where You Learn a Basic Routine
  • ​Access to Tribe of Women - They Have Been You... Now They Want to Help You Become You...
  • ​Something That Works - A System You Can Use to Change Your Life
Total Value: Priceless
Get Started Today For:
Frequently Asked Questions:
 What Do I Wear to Class?: No need to wear high-heals or anything fancy... Show up wearing something comfortable. If you want to show up wearing stilettos and a racy outfit, you are welcome to! But when you join us for the Teaser, just show up in whatever makes you feel nice... 
 Is there nudity? Absolutely NOT. Your comfort level is our concern and we strive to make sure that you are having fun while building your confidence! There is no nudity in class... ever. As racy as it ever gets? Pasties over nipples... (This is reserved for the members of our burlesque troupe, The Va Va Voom! only) 
 How much can I lose?: That depends... We aren't a weight loss studio... Some students have dropped weight fast by going to our high cardio classes a few times a week. And really what you lose is your old sense of self...and gain incredible confidence! 
 Can I come and watch a class?Yes! We encourage our potential students to come in and watch. We only request for you to email us ahead a time so we may know to expect you.
NOTE: While you may see some 'before and after' images... Vitality is NOT a weight loss studio... These things happen as a result of loving yourself and self investment. We do not advocate weight loss or teach it in ANY fashion. If you love yourself, great things can happen. That might include weight loss or a new job or a new relationship... 

Losing weight, for the sake of losing weight, is NOT our mission. (There are plenty of places to do that...)
We teach self-love and embracing the woman you are meant to be... period.  
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